Our School - School Context



Hannans Primary School was established in 1992 to cater for the demand of an expanding Kalgoorlie-Boulder community. Throughout the past 22 years the school has built a strong and proud school community who are actively involved in the education of all students. Hannans PS has a diverse student population of 385 from 21 nationalities including 6.5% of Aboriginal students. We have a strong emphasis on creating a culture of shared responsibility, caring for children and families and promoting positive mental health and well-being through our strong commitment to improving academic and social outcomes for all students.


Staff Profile

Our staff range in experience levels from graduates to people who hold a majority of the school’s history within them. As a staff we pride ourselves on being proactive in the implementation of new initiatives and have often taken on trials or had significant lead in time to contextualise these changes to best suit student needs. There is a strong sense of professional trust and high level of data driven professional dialogue. Decisions are collaborative and always brought back to “How will this impact our students?”

• Average age of teaching staff is 41 years.

• 8% of all staff are male

• There is a significant amount of staff goodwill that enables after hours professional learning to occur and ensure that school events are well supported

• Staff are seen as part of the community fabric


Our reputation

A verse from our school song indicates that we are ‘the best school in the fields’. Of course all associated with the school believe that this is true. The majority of the school community have a strong sense of identity and belonging and are vocally passionate about the school and its operations. Within the wider community we have a reputation for our strong pastoral care, high expectations of the staff and students and for doing what we say that we are going to do. People cite the way that we manage behaviour; educate students about being active participants in their learning and our building of positive relationships with parents and caregivers as reasons for enrolling their children.