Parents & Community - Parents & Citizens Association (P&C)

We are fortunate to have a dedicated P&C who support the students of Hannans PS. Without their tireless efforts we have been able to achieve success in many areas through their in kind and financial support.

Over the past three years they have supported us by:

  • Purchasing five interactive whiteboard to meet our ICT target
  • Providing a new playground in the ECE area
  • Providing outdoor areas for students
  • Improving the surface of the oval
  • Providing financial assistance for camp
  • Funding Welcome Dinner each year
  • Funding book awards for presentation nights
  • Running our canteen
  • Running our Uniform shop

We announce our 2018 Committee and thank them for their valued contribution to the school;

  • President - Tracey Pritzler
  • Vice President - Laura Frigo
  • Treasurer - Jessica Shemeld
  • Secretary - Juanita Millowick
  • Uniform Coordinators - Louise Miller and Emma Rogers
  • Fundraising Coordinator - Martina Robinson
  • Fundraising Coordinator Year 6 Camp - Karen Simpson
  • Canteen Coordinator - Kylie Ward