Students - Settlers Pre-Primary

Welcome to Settlers Pre-primary, my name is Mrs Karen Needham.  Please feel welcome to place your name on our parent help roster and be familiar with our routines.  We ask that students bring their lunchboxes and water bottles inside the classroom each day and provide a piece of fruit or vegetable to enjoy during morning recess.  The parent volunteers and/or Education Assistants will prepare the fruit in readiness for sharing.  Your regular classroom teacher is Mrs Karen Needham and Mrs Julie Gallagher is our wonderful Education Assistant.  On Wednesdays, the teacher is Miss Ms Kandy Stalker and our assistants in the classroom are Mrs Sandy Rymer and Mrs Priscilla Cappello.



Special days to remember are;

  • Monday.  Shared reading books are sent home.
  • Wednesday.  Library day, please remember your Library Bag and book to return.
  • Friday.  Cooking day.  Cooking is $10 per term and to be paid direct to classroom teacher at the beginning of each term.
  • Friday.  Shared reading books to be returned.
  • News.  There is a roster on display outside the classroom.  News is to be placed in the 'News' box inside the classroom.










Mrs Karen Needham          Miss Rachel Skellett        Mrs Julie Gallagher         Mrs Angela Phelan    

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JUNE 2020


Settlers PP enjoyed their iPad adventures and learning along the way.  We discovered how to make different patterns and patterns in music on a special App.  We went ouside to take photos of patterns in our play area.  We also enjoyed joining in with robots and their coding by moving our bodies.  This was such an amazing session!  Thanks to Mr Shane McGurk from Next Learning for spending time with us.