Students - Explorers Kindy/Pre-primary (Green/Yellow)


Welcome to Explorers KindyPre-primary at Hannans Primary School!  I am the regular class teacher, Mrs Kath Hannam and Mrs Christine Coysh is our wonderful education assistant.  You are in the capable hands of teacher, Miss Jasinta Saraceni  on a Wednesday.  I am in my 27th year of teaching in the Goldfields and have spent much of that time at Hannans Primary School.



Pre-primary is a fulltime program and Explorers Kindy runs two classes per week.




Kindy GREEN attend each Monday, Thursday and alternate Wednesdays.




Kindy YELLOW attend each Tuesday, Friday and alternate Wednesdays.




Library day is every Wednesday that your child attends, so the children are able to keep their books for a fortnight.  We have fruit twice a day and children are able to order lunches from the school canteen on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.



We run a play-based programme with intentional teaching based on the WA Kindy Curriculum Guidelines.  We believe in strong partnerships between the child, families and the school to develop the best outcomes for each child attending Kindy.  At Explorers Kindy, we have a strong focus on Belonging, Being and Becoming and aim to foster a love of learning in the children that will last a life time.  











Mrs Kath Hannam