Students - Room 18 Year 5/6

Welcome to Room 18!  My Name is Mr Mitchell Allen and I have recently graduated from Murdoch University in Perth, and this is my first time coming to Kalgoorlie.  I graduated at the end of 2019 with a degree in Primary Education. During my studies I had the opportunity to work in a number of different schools, and experience a number of different situations that would ready me to become a suitable classroom teacher.  I am very grateful to have the opportunity to teach the wonderful students of Room 18 for the remainder of the year.  I hope to build positive and independent students through my teaching.  I aim to create a safe environment, where all my students feel included in all classroom activities.  Being in Room 18 creates an opportunity for students to not only grow as learners but also grow as fine young men and women.  My goal as a classroom teacher is to make my lessons as interactive and enjoyable as possible, where my students are learning new things all the time.

The students have an opportunity to learn a number of different things on Thursdays.  Firstly, they attempt to learn a new language in the form of Italian with Miss Garratt. They then venture over to Miss Saraceni who teaches them all about dancing. After they have gotten their groove on, they will head over to Miss Skellett where they will conduct cool science experiments.  Lastly, they will head over to the oval with the amazing Mr Summerfield where they will learn a number of different sporting skills. The students of Room 18 will endeavour to grow as learners throughout the year, as they fill their minds with new and exciting concepts.










Mr Mitchell Allen