Students - Room 16 Year 5/6

A Narrative about Room 16

Curiously shuffling I approached Room 16 my heart was beating 1000 times a second. My classroom is neat, tidy and modern. Our display theme for the year is travelling. Each morning when I arrive I date my boarding pass and try to get creative as I answer the question on the Graffiti Wall.

In Room 16 I also have specialist classes, these keep me on my toes as I must remember different equipment. On Wednesday I have Italian where I try to become bilingual with Miss Garratt. On Thursday during odd weeks I visit the library to borrow reading books. Every Thursday I move around the lots. I go to Dance and Drama to get my groove on with Miss Saraceni. Then I go to Science to do awesome experiments with Miss Skellett. Finally, I have Sport with Mr Summerfield I am always tired after sport.










Mr Matthew Piparo