Students - Sports/Health

We have a comprehensive sports program that involves students attending dedicated lessons for one period per week.  We also have Annual Faction Athletic, Cross Country and Swimming Carnivals.  These events are then celebrated with an Interschool Carnival for each where the students who placed well in individual championship events have the opportunity to represent Hannans PS against local schools within the Goldfields District.

Swimming Lessons are also held each year for the whole school.  This is an endorsed Education Department directive and considered to be compulsory for all students to attend and gain these vital and life saving skills.  The lessons take place over a two week period and students attend each day, travelling to and from the Goldfields Oasis.  Schools are on a rotational roster for lessons to ensure each school has their turn during different seasons.  Our swimming lessons are taking place in Term 4 in 2018.

Year 5 and 6 students have the chance throughout the year to compete in Eagles and Fever Cup events together with both Winter and Summer Lightning Carnivals.  We also have organisations that visit throughout the year to do clinics with the students like Rugby WA, the Goldfields Giants and Inflatable Squash.








Mr Paul Summerfield   
Sports Specialist