Students - Prospectors Kindy (Green)

Welcome to Prospectors Kindy!

I am the teacher, Mrs Jordi Doughty, and our wonderful assistants are Mrs Tracey Castlehow and Mr Phillip Larkin. Kindy Green students attend every Monday and Thursday, along with every alternate Wednesday according to the term planner.

We have shared fruit every morning so please bring 2 healthy snacks to share. Home readers come home every Monday and should be returned on Thursdays. We visit the library to exchange books every second Thursday (odd weeks on the planner) so they are able to be kept for 2 weeks. Students are able to order lunches from the canteen on their Kindy Thursdays, either at the canteen or in the classroom. Please remember the canteen is closed on a Monday.  We send a helper over every day with one of our assistants to collect lunches and deliver them to the classroom.  We run a play-based programme with intentional teaching based on the WA Kindy Curriculum Guidelines and aim to instil a lifelong love of learning during your child’s first school experience.










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